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Hands-On With the Gold Omega Seamaster 300 - a Lustworthy DiverDon judge which will help prevent shaking your head. Even if there a critical amount of platnium staring you in the face, you needn leave this article. Just hear me out for any bit. In case you read automotive magazines, today feature is quite like any particular one article about a exotic that a lot of people will never ever be in the position to afford. Maybe, just maybe, we say that even though we the bucks, we 檇 never conspicuously consume such an object mainly because it would just prove so impractical. Well, live a bit and journey beside me even as we go big-time with a look at the gold Omega Seamaster 300 replica rolex . Keep in mind that, you l need to hang around he Gold Omega Seamaster 300 has ended the TopA dive watch like the gold Omega Seamaster 300 must define on the list of watch world most ridiculous niches. Strike that, it by far the most ludicrous ?unless Casio make the decision to market 5-figure gold G-Shocks with relative regularity. The gold dive watch is the epitome of the 渄evil may care ?watch. It a timepiece that simultaneously so precious but oddly in the same way capable as the lowly steel counterpart; refer to it as the best oxymoron. And after that, who the hell buys these things? Could it be purely the loud machismo characters who experience fashionable such things as tissues? Or, will it be the crusty character moving into the Keys who made his money doing real work and also has chose to treat himself using the ultimate retirement watch that can also handle an occasional call dip in the pool, ocean or spa? Will it be for the face who feels a gold watch will be the ultimate in achievement, but who doesn care for a dress watch? It likely a bit of all three by incorporating others combined in, but it almost not a band of mainstream watch buyers.The Gold Omega Seamaster 300 in LondonTravel to last October at Salon QP in the uk and Blaise, Robert-Jan so i chose to dependable what needs now turn into a respected tradition while there: coming to the Omega boutiques. Now, normally, this isn that exciting in my opinion since i understand the brand lineup and a boutique may be 渙ld-hat ? Well, this time around, we chosen to spend some serious time trying some of the brand less discussed models. We cycled over the co-axial moonphases, an excellent gold (with diamond dial) Constellation, last but not least finished up at the gold Omega Seamaster 300. Strike that, we had 2 of them from the displays ?the yellow and rose gold versions. It was here rolex replica stopped. The rose gold was warm and comfortable looking, but it really only agreed to be a bit too effeminate personally so i rather preferred the somewhat stark, hard appearance with the gold. Yes, the platnium was the main one for me ?plus it would have to be on a bracelet. Blaise wasn so i had enough chest hair to get it away (ever seen my wrists), but Robert-Jan approved ?hell, the man rocks a pinky ring every so often. So, we plotted to possess Omega send me one for test ?and so they ultimately did.The Rolex Submariner 1680/8 (photo from member DrStrong around the forum PuristsPro)Today's similar to a Vintage Sub?I don know what happening if you ask me. Maybe it the belief that I turned 40 last year and my tastes are changing or possibly here is the beginning of getting some sort of mid-life crisis. What it is, Ie found myself casually browsing eBay, chrono24 and other sites to adopt a deeper examine 1970 ?late 2000 gold Rolex Submariner 1680/8 and 16618 .The Rolex Submariner 16618 (photo from bobsreplica watches.com)It weird, crazy, and little scary ?just ask my significant other. Yes, there just something about these classic Submariners because of their rich, finely sculpted, gold cases, warm dials, and polished center links. You l remember that I stopped inside the late 2000 , because when Rolex introduced its current maxi case (2010) for the Submariner line. To me, this situation has upset into your market with the Sub: giving it way too much of a modular look. And thus after i finally laid eyes on the gold Omega Seamaster 300, with its slender lugs and aged dial, it was a little like being transported directly into time.The Gold Omega Seamaster 300 ?a 渉it ?with the officeOmega, after a extra as opposed to normal request emails (they had to ascertain if a gold Omega Seamaster 300 was a student in the sample group), sent a watch for review. I still remember it arriving at work mainly because it showed up per day later than normal nd I had been seriously concerned. Your box was big but it really contained some serious mass. Upon opening it, I believed 渄amn, this is serious ?and also that I want to showing it to many colleagues. However, this has been a weird day where people where outside. I did so manage to show it to at least one colleague and he or she was shocked using the weight. More significantly, though, she was dumbstruck when I said the price.Raid your bank accountThe gold Omega Seamaster 300 costs 28,500 Euros. Allow that sink looking a little, do you want to? Yes, that twenty eight thousand, five-hundred Euros. Because of this after i look your window to the parking garage of where Regularly in Germany ?and i believe Germans drive nice cars generally speaking ?this watch retails for over the sales price or trade in valuation on most vehicles on the market (actually, Germans paid a surprising average price of 32,000 Euros for any new car in 2016). And again, we 檙e talking about a dive watch here. So yes, this Omega is certainly one serious piece of kit. And, damn, it truly is seriously heavy. Come on, man, it absolutely was so heavy that after I slipped it into my brief case before heading home, I could think the main difference.A rarely seen or discussed diverWhen the gold Omega Seamaster 300 (ref. was published in 2014 at Basel, it was released alongside 15 variants. Everything from platinum, titanium, two-tone gold and steel, steel, rose gold and models with bracelets or leather straps rounded out the lineup. The steel models, naturally, gained all the press, but wee found the two-tone piece likewise. mercedes benz tag heuer watch The 300 lineup was heavily loved for the classic looks ?it blended attributes from 50 and 60 Seamasters ?and new tech such as a ceramic bezel as well as the cal.8401 co-axial automatic movement. At 41mm with 20mm lugs, it hit a sweet spot size-wise and, furthermore, made the vintage crowd look closely due to the deficiency of a date wheel. The watch line is a huge hit for Omega, but there been little said regarding the precious metal version ntil now. replica new rolex explorer ii watches Yes, there a great deal of goldWhen I brought the gold Omega Seamaster 300 home, my first order of commercial ended up being resize the bracelet. This bracelet, that's crafted from solid gold, comprises about 40% of the sum total in the watch. It massive the other consider the clasp ?also incredibly solid and large ?provides you with a hint about the amount gold is at this colossus. The spring-loaded clasp contains the push-operated wetsuit adjustment within and here again, your entire mechanism is constructed from, you guessed it, gold. Perhaps the little bracelet adjustment screws ?that i foolishly thought we would engage after my traditional end-of-week negroni ?are gold. So, it was actually another morning i sized the bracelet. Once done, it was sadly still a tad loose on my skinny wrist, but this watch doesn look half bad with a little dangle. The hyperlinks are polished around the middle and brushed around the sides. Some don care for this look and I 檇 normally agree, on the other hand actually believe it gives you the watch some nice contrast plus some scratches would then add personal character. With that being said, the polished surfaces show evidence of fingerprints at nearly a peek.The Seamaster is bold but so well executedI l confess i always didn wear the gold Omega Seamaster 300 lots. First, I felt a bit bad about potentially scratching a real perfect watch and i also do believe it would scratch much easier than, say, steel. Second, and that is a relevant thought, it felt just a little glaring. That bracelet doesn maintain Seamaster about the 渄own low ?and I was obviously a little self-conscious. Still, once i did prefer to don it, it absolutely was an incredible site on my small wrist and a pretty damn heavy one. Plainly had to complain about almost anything to the company from Bienne, it the age-old comment how the co-axials are thick.The 300 was big in most way; it turned out tall, the lugs were long (exacerbated by solid end links that reach beyond the case), plus the clasp was nearly the size of the foot of my wrists. Having said that i still loved it.Omega received a great deal of flack in the event the 300 debuted this can utilization of aged Super-LumiNova. I could comprehend the criticism for artificially aging a watch, but let me tell you, it seems amazing for the gold Omega Seamaster 300. The lume color flows really well with the gold hands and even serves to remind me slightly of the old nipple dials that comes with the aforementioned 70 and 80 Submariners. The dial layout is completely perfect, as are both your hands, and the ceramic bezel (Ceragold) is usually a stunner.The bezel contains gold numerals and it's lined, on the outer edge, by knurled gold additionally, on the inside having a flat surface from the rare metal. The important, signed gold crown is not hard to use likewise and also by touching much darn gold, it provides the proprietor a reasonably unique experience.A Seriously Capable DiverIf We have one beef while using gold Omega Seamaster 300, it the way it is back. Sure, the 8401 movement is beautifully finished, however i would have preferred even more within the gold theme having a solid case back and also the old seahorse logo. Instead, we obtain a sapphire case back with lots of wording around the back that lets us know everything about the technologies employed in the watch. We have seen the 300M-depth rating, the usage of Ceragold, plus the antimagnetic rating of 15,000 Gauss. It all any small gripe because, even as we always say, who compares the back? Yet, I enjoy my dive replica watches to imbue a brick-solid quality knowning that aligns with a solid case back.Yes, I like it f you haven had the ability to tell, I really impressed with the gold Omega Seamaster 300. The high quality and attention to detail is sublime ?appropriately using a watch of the price. Besides deciding whether you like the color of this metal or you cannot, of course, if you will have the method for buy one from the start, it fairly foolish to try and buy your head round the price of admission. No, there isn 20+ thousand in gold in this Seamaster to warrant your money tag over the stainless model, so metal value alone won undertake it. What you 檙e really buying basic a watch is a level of exclusivity that are available for so few. Read that as snobbery should you want, on the other hand want to see it up to now another wonderful oddity that exists within the watch market. The greatest thing about a gold diver coming from a brand like Omega, though, could it be isn window dressing. There a seriously capable dive watch when investing in past the 18-karat grandeur.Coming back to one of several original statements on this article, I posit that almost all, if they had the freely funds available, may not buy an audacious watch for example the gold Omega Seamaster 300. Would I? It would only count on where I lived, whether I felt safe toting, if I decided to search vintage or new. If vintage, an old Sub is the only combatant, however in the latest realm merely the Omega comes up like a dive watch which is both, at once, beautiful and immensely competent.If you 檇 like to on this beautiful dive watch, head to Omega site here.